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Coached by

Frank Rizzo

Coached by

Frank Rizzo

byrizz™ Rehab Online

We´ll get you back stronger physically and mentally!

New times require new projects and goals. Lifestyle changes don't happen in a day; you need to have a conscious effort and willingness to make those changes. If you have experienced an injury or have had pain, it's hard to know what to do. This can be frustrating and can end in anxiety. That's why Marcus and Frank started The byrizz™ Rehab & Performance App in 2019. Even though the App was something they wanted to develop years back, they both wanted to ensure that their patients and athletes got a better system to be followed up. The main goal is to deliver individualized programs designed to get patients out of pain, prevent injury, and improve their performance. The byrizz™ Rehab & Performance App will offer personalized and customized training and rehabilitation programs that optimize your health with an intuitive approach.

What's included?

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    Customised Rehab

    3 video consultation pre- scheduled and according to your symptoms and type of injury.
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    At home or at work?

    You`ll be able to perform your rehab whenever, wherever - you'll have access in your own pocket.
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    Track your progress

    With The Rehab & Performance app you'll be able to track your progress continuously.

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1 month

1995kr / month

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1749kr / month

Total 5247kr

6 months

1495kr / month

Total 8970kr

More about Frank

Sports Medicine
Human Physiology
Manual Therapy
Training Load in Sports
Strength & Conditioning training

Marcus and Frank have several years of experience in the field of Physiotherapy and Sports Science. They have undergone higher level education and have several courses in human movement, functional training, and Strength & Conditioning training.

Physiotherapists and Performance coaches with +15 years of experience
Team byrizz™ has been and is at this present day working with Top level athletes, including World Champions and Olympians.

How does it work?

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    Needs analysis

    Send your request

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    Custom plans

    The coach gets in touch

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    Coaching in the app

    Follow your plan from your phone


About the app

The app Byrizz is free to use and you can keep your account and use the apps basic features as long as you want for free. In the app you will also find the content you bought here in this shop.

Here are some features you will find in the app:
- Log all types of workouts
- Log weight and body measures
- Import data fron services like Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Runkeeper, Suunto, Polar etc.
- View your results and habits
- Follow friends, boost and comment
- Reach your goals by following our programs and chat with the coach (if included)
- Video instructions for exercises in the programs
- Create social groups and share with your friends
- Gain XP and try to reach new levels

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