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The challenges of life do not take a break, it's about be flexible and adapt to them. Responsibility at work and at home requires energy to perform every day. byrizz™ Ace membership provides an opportunity to focus on health and fitness goals with workouts that are customized based on your physical status and goals. Whether you want to lose weight, become better at work or improve performance in your sport, we'll make sure you reach your goals.

This is always included for members:

  • 900+ bodyweight and weight training exercises in our own exercise database

  • Video instructions and timers on exercises in all purchased workouts and programs.

  • Our Workout plans are designed and packaged into specific customized journeys - pick your training type with your goals in mind and commit to 1 - 12 weeks of guided workouts

  • Easily track your workouts, create challenges or routines, stay motivated and improve your health

  • Log all your training sessions your dimensions and weight

  • Import data from services such as Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Suunto, Polar, FitBit, InBody, etc.

  • See your results and training habits

  • Follow your friends; boost them and comment their effort

  • Continuously contact with your coach with the build-in chat function

  • Create groups and challenge your friends

  • Collect points for everything you do and try to reach new levels and sub-goals.


byrizz™ Rehab

299 kr/month

Try 2 weeks for free

This subscription is containing rehab programs for the most common injuries that are treated with physical therapy.

Examples of Rehab programs: Shoulder Impingement, Low back pain, and ACL-knee injuries, among others.

Get back on the saddle with quality rehab in your own pocket!

  • Knee injuries programme
  • Hip injuries programme
  • Low back pain programme
  • Shoulder injuries programme
  • Foot Injuries programme
  • Hamstring injury programme

  • Ongoing subscription with payment every month
  • No binding period or notice period

byrizz™ S&C for Sports

299 kr/month

Try 2 weeks for free

This subscription gives you workouts and sport-specific S&C-Strength and Conditioning programs, for example, a 12-week running program with both strength and cardio workouts that will get you fit for your first planned race. The membership gives you also workouts and programs for individual and team sports such as football, strength and conditioning programs for skiing, tennis, or just to stay strong and healthy!

  • Strength training workouts
  • Cardio workouts
  • Flexibility workouts
  • Plyometric workouts

  • Ongoing subscription with payment every month
  • No binding period or notice period

About the app

The app Byrizz is free to use and you can keep your account and use the apps basic features as long as you want for free. In the app you will also find the content you bought here in this shop.

Here are some features you will find in the app:
- Log all types of workouts
- Log weight and body measures
- Import data fron services like Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Runkeeper, Suunto, Polar etc.
- View your results and habits
- Follow friends, boost and comment
- Reach your goals by following our programs and chat with the coach (if included)
- Video instructions for exercises in the programs
- Create social groups and share with your friends
- Gain XP and try to reach new levels

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How does it work?

Become a member with a subscription and get free access to a lot of our workouts and programs. When you become a member you can then download the app and find what suits you.

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